“Instagram” experiences new feature in his videos

The “Instagram” application is currently testing, adding a feature to all of its videos, in order to achieve greater communication among its users, as well as business objectives.

Through the new feature, Instagram seeks to allow all its users to add their friends (tag them) in the videos, as is the case with their photos, according to the (Tele Crunch website ).

However, to use this feature, the user must click the bottom left of the video, in order to be moved to a separate page that includes the names of the people they want to add, which is titled “People in this video” or “persons in the videos”.

Instagram has confirmed that it has tested the feature of adding people in the videos, but is still in the process of testing it on a limited number of users.

The Tele Crunch website indicates that adding users to videos can contribute to more interaction across the social media platform and may encourage users with a large number of followers to easily promote their favourite products, locations and brands Greater.